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Our ERP system specifically designed and customized to meet every business needs. Improve your business efficiency with our leading ERP solutions.


Managing your employees’ information is a big challenge for HRM department, especially when your company starts growing or expanding.  With our ERP Human Resource Management Solution (HRM), all your employees’ information lives in an all-in-one, secured database with powerful tools and editing capabilities at your fingertips.

  • Support Khmer and English contract templates
  • Online clock in-out and fingerprint with accurate attendance report
  • Multi-working shift management
  • Auto accrual leaves or manual request
  • Cash advance and payroll reimbursement
  • Multi-overtime rate policy
  • Middle month salary and monthly salary
  • Benefit and compensation management (NSSF, Seniority, Pension Fund)
  • Payroll - bank integration
  • Support Khmer language
  • Full compliance with Cambodian law (Resident and Non-resident Rules)
  • User-friendly, cloud-based, scalable…etc.
a big challenge for HRM department


Manage daily accounting with ease and simplicity with our ERP accounting solution enriched with innovative and all-inclusive functions. Tracking every cash transaction easily, automating bank feed, and supporting your own payment flow with optional validation steps. Your account can be integrated with all business operations and make your accountant’s life easier.
  • Account receivable management
  • Account payable management
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi journals
  • Analytic accounting
  • VAT tax compliance with Cambodian law
  • Auto invoicing and billing
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Chart of account and general ledger
  • Generate invoices automatically based on sales orders, delivery orders, and contracts.
  • Khmer languages support
  • User-friendly, cloud-based, scalable…etc.
Managing daily accounting on computer


An ERP CRM solution essentially provides a central place where businesses can store customer and prospect data, track customer interactions, and share this information with colleagues. It allows businesses to manage relationships with customers and help the business to grow.
  • Organize sales activities
  • Schedule meetings and next activities
  • Centralize customer data in one place
  • Easily keep track of the opportunities
  • Assign an email alias to the sales team
  • Lead generation
  • Auto-converted leads into opportunities
  • Automatic pipeline creation
  • Automatic lead enrichment
  • Reporting customization
  • Fully integrated with a website, company email, and other third-party applications
  • User-friendly pipeline management
  • Cloud-based and scalable…etc.


Great sales teams need a great sale tool. Our ERP Sales Solution is an essential tool that allows your sales teams to sell more efficiently, communicate smartly, reduce data entry by converting quotes to sale orders and invoices in just a few clicks, and automate the sales process and integrate in real-time.
  • Create professional quotations and invoices
  • Predefined products, price lists
  • Sales orders management
  • Manage payment terms by customers or invoices
  • Easily track and follow up on invoice aging or phase of the contract
  • Create products with multiple attributes or variants
  • Easily apply a discount or create a custom coupon code
  • Intuitive Sales Report
  • Cloud-based and scalable
sales teams discuss about great sale tools


Our POS solution helps your business interaction with customers to be completed, keep track of your customer's payments, manage your business operation efficiently, and increase your business efficiency with different POS features such as a Barcode scanner or credit card terminal.
  • Served multiple customers at the same time
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Barcode’s scanner price integrated
  • Easily POS box setup
  • Allow credit card payment, refund automatic link to accounting
  • Suitable for retail shops, restaurants…etc.
  • Send orders directly to kitchens or bars for restaurant management
  • Easily split the bill for groups of customer
  • Schedule delivery
  • Add promotion, loyalty Program
  • Real-time stock availability
  • Work on both online and offline
  • User-friendly backend
  • Automatic synchronized
  • Support Khmer language


An all-in-one manufacturing solution. It helps you to manage your products in an assembly line, speeds up your operation with mobile-friendly barcode scanning, keeps track of the available item in stock and production time, automatically triggers quality checks for the manufacturing department, and accurately plans based on real-time measurements.
  • Barcode for the lot or serial number scanning
  • Display worksheets, and quality alerts to workers during the operation
  • MRP, quality, maintenance, and PLM fully integrated
  • Capture data in real-time from your equipment using API
  • Multi-level bills of materials
  • Kits feature
  • Automatic quality checks for the manufacturing department
  • Powerful WorkCentre control panel
  • Cost analysis (labor or material)
  • Cloud-based and scalable
manufacturing activity


Our unique double-entry inventory management allows traceability from suppliers to customers, can track every stock move, control your dashboard tracking order everywhere and manage your multi-warehouses efficiently all at once.
  • Automated replenishment
  • Multi-Warehouses stock management
  • Total traceability from supplier to customer
  • Modern user interface
  • Clear and completely real-time reports
  • Easily Inventory adjustment management
  • Easily scrap products management
  • Easily pack products and assign packs barcodes
  • Put away and removal strategies (Fifo, Lifo…etc.)
  • Auto-reordering rule configuration
  • Product management by categories, variant
  • Manage product selling price by product variant
  • Flexible multi-unit of measure and convertible within the unit of measure categories
  • Cloud-based and scalable
checking inventory in system

Project Management

Get your project management efficiently with our modern user interface ERP project solution that helps you to track projects and tasks easily on the move, perform multi-project at the same time, and be fully customizable.
  • Agile project management structure
  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface
  • Well organize and fully customization project overview report
  • Multi-project and tasks management
  • Real-time collaboration on tasks with several users
  • Activity log attached to every task
  • Keep track of project deadline
  • Cloud-based and scalable

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