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PHUM is a local brand which developed by our local experts since 2011. PHUM provides a wide range of systems and mobile applications.

Phum HR

Phum HR is an online human resources software that provides you solutions to your HR challenges – whether you are hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building company culture with full compliance with Cambodian law.
  • Support Khmer and English contract templates
  • Online clock in-out and fingerprint
  • Multi-working shift Management
  • Auto accrual leave or manually request
  • Cash advance and payroll Reimbursement
  • Multi-overtime rate policy
  • Middle month salary and monthly salary
  • Benefit and compensation management (NSSF, Seniority, Pension Fund)
  • Payroll bank Integration
  • Support Khmer language
  • Full compliance with Cambodian law (Resident and Non-resident Rules)
  • User-friendly, cloud-based, scalable…etc.

Phum School

Phum School Management System is the first Cambodian revolutionary school management solution that is integrated with ERP to introduced to simplify the complexities facing school operations and communication between homes and schools.
  • Easy scheduling and attendance tracking
  • Multi campuses and locations management
  • Easy storing and searching for student detail information
  • Easily manage Student, and teacher timetable
  • School bus management and report
  • Student evaluation template based on school policy
  • Communication portal for parents, teachers, and drivers

Phum Career Matching

Phum Career Matching provides career assessment tools, coaching, and matching programs for executives, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and students to find out their career aspirations.

Benefits from Phum Career Matching

Career Finders
  • Understand your behaviors and careers that fit you
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses to match your career
  • Know which skills are your motivation and burnout
  • Get techniques on how to adjust your behaviors in order to succeed in your career goal
  • Get connected to the hiring managers looking for your motivated skills
  • Have a chance to get your desired career
  • Get connected to a large and diverse pool of potential candidate
  • Receive a platform where you can find your right and best-fit employees through career-matching tools
  • Find the right candidates that can fit their jobs and employer’s behaviors
  • Hire your ideal employees to improve your business performance

Phum Dictionary

Phum Dictionary is a Cambodian most popular 3-in-1 dictionary for Android or IOS that customize by Biz solution which is very convenient to use and always up to date. 1,000,000 installs.
  • English – Khmer translation
  • Khmer – English translation
  • Khmer – Khmer translation
  • Correct voice pronunciation
  • Reliable definitions, meanings, synonyms
  • Sentence’s example
  • Available on Android and IOS

Phum Korean Dictionary

Phum Korea Dictionary is a digital dictionary version of the Khmer-Korean-English dictionary which is developed by Biz Solution feet Ph. D. Kim Woo- Taek. 100,000+ Installs.
  • Khmer – Korea and English translation
  • Korea – English and Khmer translation
  • English – Khmer and Korea translation
  • Correct voice pronunciation
  • Reliable definitions, meanings, synonyms
  • Sentence’s example
  • Available on Android and IOS

Phum Keyboard

Phum Keyboard is a perfectly simple keyboard which developed by Biz Solution that brings your phone to the next level with its unique theme designs. 1,000,000+ Installs
  • Support external keyboard (Bluetooth, USB…)
  • 3 themes to choose
  • Sound & vibrate feedback
  • Suggestion words for Khmer and English
  • Available on Android and IOS

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